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A-167 Phentermine
This version of Phentermine is generic a-167
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Slow Release Phentermine Capsule
Phentermine slow release
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Adipex P with 37.5 mg
Typical look of Adipex P diet pills
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The #1 diet pill in the USA

Best appetite suppressant

Generic form, the most popular branded name are Adipex P and Lomaira.


What makes Phentermine the most popular diet pill?

Considering the fact that there so many variations of Adipex P capsules and tablets, the reason is this diet pill is designed for everyone’s tolerance. The most popular Phentermine dosage is 37.5mg, but at the same time, especially when you begin dieting with this pill, doctors will start you off with the smaller dosage. Learn more about Phentermine 37.5 mg.

What is Lomaira?

Lomaira was first released in 2017 as form of “mild” pill, prescribed for those who are trying to begin weight loss. Each tablet comes with only 8 mg of active ingredient – Phentermine HCL and does not last as long as for example Adipex P slow release capsules. Lomaira is designed for use 3 times a day with meals. Learn more about Lomaira.

Phenobestin 37.5

Phenobestin 37.5 is an Adipex P alternative. Adipex is a prescription weight loss pill – Adipex-P. Phenobestin offers similar effects – appetite suppression and fat burn. Phenobestin also helps increase energy levels so you can become more active. Unlike Adipex, there no side effects that are severe that you may experience during use. Anyone can begin taking Phenobestin without prescription and you can purchase Phenobestin right now without any restrictions.


Adipex P with 37.5 mg
Typical look of Adipex P diet pills


Doggy Cookie Shaped Lomaira Tablets
This is how Lomaira tablets look like


Phentermine Tablets
Generic Phentermine Tablets


Slow Release Phentermine Capsule
Phentermine slow release

How to Buy Phentermine Online Without Prescription

This drug sets the standards of what diet pills must deliver. Every single brand of prescription weight loss products includes Phentermine in one form or another. The popularity of this weight loss drug skyrocketed after many reported rapid weight loss. One of the main reasons why people take it is because its the most powerful appetite suppressant. When doctors prescribe this drug, users experience feelings as if they just ate, even on the empty stomach. Molecules of this drug bind themselves to the nerves that brain is using for signaling if stomach is empty or not, numbing it so that brain does not receive “I am hungry” messages. By doing so, people who are on Adipex, consume a lot less calories and lose weight. When you buy Phentermine online without prescription, make sure it’s from registered source. Do not purchase Phentermine from unknown and unlicensed site. FDA considers Adipex as schedule IV controlled substance and you should learn about laws and regulations to ensure that it is legal to buy Phentermine online. Learn more about buying Phentermine online.

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Phentermine Reviews

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Some of the latest reviews

★★★★★ – Phentermine saved my life. When I am on this weight loss pill, I feel no hunger at all. Overall I lost over 50 pounds in 3 months and keep on losing!

★★★★ – My weight loss journey was bumpy, but I quickly learned how to effectively take this pill and result – 100 pounds weight loss! The only problem is lose skin. I don’t know what to do with it.

★★★★★ –  It helped me lose more weight than I anticipated. Now I have to eat more to gain some of it, but not a lot. I lost 120 pounds in 10 months.

★★★★★ – This is real weight loss miracle. When I am on  Adipex P with 37.5mg Phentermine, I do not want to eat anything. Weight loss for me is like a marathon. I want to keep running and running. More weight I lose, better I feel!

★★★★★ – This drug is amazing. After giving birth and finishing breastfeeding I gained 100 pounds. After first two months on this pill, I lose over 20 pounds. I am planning to keep taking Phentermine until I get to my pre-birth weight!

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My Phentermine Experience

How Does Phentermine Work?

Update on my weight loss

Adipex Diet Pills
Bottles of Adipex P

Adipex: Adipex, actually Adipex-P, is probably the best known brand of phentermine on the market. Unlike many other brands, Adipex does not add any other active ingredients to the mix. The only other ingredients are the binders used to create the tablet or capsule. This is usually corn starch. Other ingredients include black iron oxide, D&C Red #33, FD&C Blue #1, gelatin and other inactive ingredients. Adipex is manufactured by GATE Pharmaceuticals. Note that Adipex carries with it the risk of all side effects previously noted for phentermine itself.

Lomaira white and blue specks tablet
Lomaira Tablet - White with Blue Specks

Lomaira: Lomaira is made by KVK Tech, and contains phentermine hydrochloride. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this version of this pill is that the dosage is very low. Each tablet only contains 8 mg of phentermine. This low concentration allows users to take Lomaira up to three times per day (the maximum allowable dosage under US law per 24-hour period). Another interesting aspect is that Lomaira tablets are butterfly shaped. This is done to make it easier to split a tablet in half for users who do not require a full dose. Note that Lomaira carries with it all the side effects previously described.

buy ionamin
buy ionamine online

Ionamin – Is one of the most popular brand of Phentermine. Comes in capsules with imprinted “IONAMIN 30”. It is combination of slow release resin and Phentermine and designed to release small portions of the medicine all day long. Just like other medications with this substance, Ionamin requires prescription to purchase.

Phentermine in Australia
Duromine with 40 mg of Phentermine

Duromine – This medicine is a prescription only drug, sold in Australia and New Zealand. Each tablet comes with 40 mg of Phentermine HCL, coated in slow release material to last all day long. Each tablet is taken orally in the morning and just like other slow release pills, it lasts all day long, injecting small doses of the active ingredient all day long. You can only get Duromine prescription if you are living in Australia or New Zealand.

Examples of Qsymia
Phentermine pill Qsymia

Qsymia – Recently invented diet pill with Phentermine. Unlike any other brand of this pill, Qsymia comes with mix of Phentermine HCL and Topiramate. Since Qsymia is the most recent brand of diet pills, there not enough evidence that mix of Phentermine HCL and Topiramate works better compare to generic or Adipex. Unlike other brands of Phentermine pills, Qsymia is the most expensive. Starting price for lower dosage of Qsymia is $350 for one month supply and goes up to $500 or even more for stronger concentration. Insurance does not cover the cost of Qsymia, so your out out of pocket cost is 100%.